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Since its inception in 1997, fashiontv has been setting the highest standards for excellence in fashion and lifestyle broadcasting.

The only TV equivalent to fashion print media appealing to everyone interested in fashion, style, beauty and trends, fashiontv understands and caters to its audience by providing original, unbiased and informative programming not available on other networks. A strong image and exceptional awareness of fashiontv’s brand projects a unique, cosmopolitan and a modern style allowing for influential partnerships with many global brands.


FashionTV is the global multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle content, broadcasting to over 60 satellites, 530 TV platforms, mobile, IPTV, and with over 20 million monthly views on YouTube.

FashionTV broadcasts in 193 countries to over 400 million households and 7 million public locations across the 5 continents. FashionTV is the only 24-hour fashion, beauty & lifestyle television station worldwide.

New Media

FashionTV has expanded its social media presence with millions of followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more.

FashionTV has a total Facebook fan base of over 2 million users and growing. FashionTV’s Facebook page is the most "talked about" fan page of all television channels on Facebook. On YouTube, FashionTV syndicates 55,000 videos with over 550,000 subscribers and growing.


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