Michel Adam

Michel Adam


Birth date: April 16, 1950
Country: Poland


Michel Adam became involved in textile and fashion industry in the 1980s. In 1991, his Thailand-based textile business -- Eden Group -- employed more than 4,000 workers. Five years later, as a result of the East Asian Financial Crisis, Adam was forced to sell his business. Adam moved to Paris and became involved in various real estate projects, among them he opened an F Cafe, which quickly became popular with stylists, fashion designers, models, and the industry’s movers and shakers. At this moment Adam realized two things: That there is huge demand for clubs and restaurants that will play fashion footage on big screens; secondly, the big screens can broadcast fashion videos that he personally can expose to the world. This marked the very beginning of FashionTV.

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Anything from the FashionTV collections and F Fashion lines.

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FashionTV is the first and most influential fashion channel, which broadcasts to over 400 million households and 7 million public places worldwide and is the only global 24/7 television network focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends, and style.

Best Fashion Moments:

1997 – FashionTV is founded in France and begins airing 24/7 fashion and lifestyle broadcasts.

2005 – www.ftv.com the official FashionTV website is launched.

2008 – Adam launches FashionTV HD: a new channel that offers millions of viewers around the world to watch high fashion in high definition.

2011 – Adam marries top model and ballet dancer, Maria Mogsolova.

2011 – FashionTV 3D launches, offering viewers and fans all over the world the chance to experience fashion from a different perspective.

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