Jason Bassett

Jason Bassett


Birth date: February 24, 1988
Country: United States
Top campaigns: Natalya Toporova, Aluna Swimwear, Art of Shade Collection, Model Latina’s Muriel Villera, Kamoy Magazine, Eduardo De Las Casas Collection.


The passion I have for creating a certain ambiance in my work is something that I hold dear to my heart. The world of photography and cinematography is an opportunity for me to build an idea and represent it. I love to inspire and be inspired.

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Getting to know you:

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you start out? I took up photography around 20-years-old, at a time in my life when I was completely lost. I was deeply down and didn’t know what else I could do. I received my first camera from my fiancée when we barely had a red cent, and then my career followed years later.

Which models or famous designers have you worked with? I have worked with Model Latina winner Muriel Villera, Katie Eastman of Truffle Luxe, Art of Shade’s Kayce Armstrong, Eduardo de las Casas, Natalya Toporova, Aluna Swimwear, and I must give a special “e-hug” to stylist Lauren Coleman. The models that have impressed me time after time would be people like Elizabeth Noel, Kira Alvarado, Elaina Christina, Kelly Monsalve, Kat Villari, Lauren Goodman, Angelica Toledo, Courtney Cooper, Gia Longo, Swan, Kaci Tansey, and Chantelle Miller.

How would you describe your photographic style? The photographic style I am getting closer to seems to be an intimate representation of what mood I am in. I enjoy harsh shadows and imagery that places the viewer within the experience I am attempting to share. I shy away from well-lit images these days and I am careful with regards to the subject and composition.

When did you know you had finally "made it" as a professional photographer? I’ll let you know when I find that peace. I will know when my family is taken care of and I am not a starving artist passionately trying to reinvent myself each day.

What is your opinion about model/ photographer chemistry on set? The chemistry must be organic. Sometimes there is a flirty atmosphere and other times an intense mood exists that is just beautiful.

Name a favorite celebrity or model that you would like to work with? The celebrity I would want to work with would have to be American rapper and producer Lupe Fiasco. As far as models go, I would want to work with Adriana Lima.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I am inspired by the music I listen to and everyday experiences. Whether it’s a morning filled with the harmonizing sounds of Kid Cudi or Frank Ocean, Rock 'n' Roll classics, or even the newest electronic remixes on YouTube.

Tell us about a special shoot that you have worked on? A project that was very special to me was one entitled “Paradise.” I was able to branch outside of my normal style and aim for a more cinematic approach to the story. I thank Natala Toporova, Lauren Goodman, Chantelle Miller, and Angelica Toledo for that!

What exciting future projects are you working on? My next projects are going to be a bit darker in tone and more thought-provoking. I want to have a voice in my work that reaches out to people positively, whether it’s indirectly or directly. Philanthropy is something that is going to be a large part of my work very soon. I am now changing career path and moving into filming concerts, musicians, and artists for my new series entitled, “The Ambiance.” My first concert was with Kendrick Lamar and it went amazing. I am beginning a fitness series to promote good health and getting into short skits which will feature beautiful models, stellar ideas and great clothing.

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