Pavel Badzhakov

Pavel Badzhakov


Birth date: April 9, 1978
Country: Bulgaria
Top campaigns: Nokia


The story began about 16-years-ago when a friend of Pavel Badzhakov lent him his camera for several days. Badzhakov was in fact modelling for four years before he switched careers to work in fashion photography. He soon realised that being "on the dark side," behind the camera, was something that was going to change his life. And, it did. Just recently, Badzhakov made his dreams come true, when he opened a small modeling agency, BAD Models Management that has allowed him to continue working in fashion photography while managing a modelling business.

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Getting To Know You:

How would you describe your photographic style? After having worked in the fashion industry for so many years, I can honestly say that I'm still changing it daily! Every new shoot comes with lots of new ideas: searching for the right model, writing storyboards, having discussions, and working hard 24/7. This is the key to success. So when we're talking about style -- mine is the “crazy one!”

Name the celebrity or model that you would most like to work with? That's an easy one -- the Romanian supermodel, Catrinel Menghia. I Love her presence on stage; the way she moves and express not only the collections she models, but the philosophy of the brand. Menghia is my idea of the perfect model and a passionate photographer as well.

What would you consider your “breakthrough” moment in the industry? When FashionTV contacted me, that was it! I was about to finish a fashion shoot for a video project and FashionTV was the first fashion media to broadcast it and give me worldwide exposure. After that, the invitations started to roll in. I am also a fashion videographer, and became one of the biggest fashion photography video channels watched on Subsequently, I was invited to participate in La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, in the US; Sao Paulo Fashion Film Festival; and Milan Fashion Film Festival.
What do you love about FashionTV? You guys ROCK! You're the biggest fashion media in the world. Passionate, hard working, up-to-date, and most of all -- fashionable and stylish in your own unique way.

What is your opinion about model-photographer relationship on set? My other love, asides from photography is music. It is the wave that breaks the ice, opens hearts, and sets the mood on fashion shoots. There is a constant connection between the photographer and the model. This is the place I feel that everything becomes one. If you get good vibrations going, then everything is perfect. You follow your model, they follow you; it creates the perfect harmony with the best possible results.

Do you use special equipment or techniques in your photography? Three years ago I got involved in making short fashion films and since then, I've loved experimenting with different cameras and LED lights in very low-lit conditions. It is the perfect way for me to express my fashion ideas.

What will be your next project? The storyboard is on the table already. The project involves a new star on the modelling scene -- the gorgeous Mariana Chuleva -- lots of rock music, a dark fashion collection, and a very unusual shooting location. And very soon, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of it!

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