Latest News from the Paris Fashion week

  • Joan Smalls & Lea T Rock The Givenchy Menswear Show

    Whether it was Givenchy’s tribal parade, Dior’s contemporary hommes, or Valentino’s daring denim suits, Paris Fashion Week for men proves once again that this is the capital of fashion. It has been three weeks of boys, boys, and more boys over the menswear season; but this Paris Fashion Week for men there have been a surprising number of female models rocking the menswear looks and the looks themselves... becoming more feminine. Express Yourself! For the Givenchy Spring 2014 menswear show in Paris, models paraded down the catwalk in a mishmash collection that presented Riccardo...

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  • Say Bonjour To Paris Fashion Week For Men!

    When you think of French fashion, names like Jean Paul Gaultier, Saint Laurent, and Dior quickly pop to mind. So where better to draw a close to the Spring 2014 menswear fashion season than in the chicest fashion capital in the world? On Wednesday, Paris Fashion Week men’s edition will open it’s doors to the world’s sharpest fashion editors, bloggers, and photographers for five whole days of sartorial pleasure, parties, and printemps collections. And though the week may not stir up as much of a storm as its womenswear counterpart, there’s still plenty of fashion fun to be had with the...

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