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Fredy Mouly

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      Silent Evolution - By Chen Ariel Nachman

      The collection "Silent Evolution" is based on traditional hand-crafting techniques that have gradually disappeared from the modern world.
      The collection incorporate elements of natural sea sponges, fish leather, silk and rich embroidery.

      My source of inspiration is the underwater sculpture garden in Cancun, Mexico, by artist Jason Decries Taylor, who chose to place the sculptures created at the bottom of the ocean, thus emphasizing the immense strength and power of nature.
      With time, the sculptures become covered with algae, sea sponges, corals, and all sorts of living organisms, turning the sculptures from static figures to unique and dynamic living eco systems.

      Producer: Chen Ariel Nachman
      Photograhper: Fredy Mouly
      Make Up: Nili Sachar
      Hair style: Eyal Meistel
      Model: Kristina Luskova (MC2)