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All The Do’s And Don'ts Of Justin Bieber

Posted on 24th April 2013 | Celebrity
Bieber on Teen Vogue CoverBieber on Teen Vogue Cover

Justin Bieber has had a tough year (to say the least), from getting accused of assault to buying and losing a monkey, cancelling a show, and several other incidents hinting that Bieber might not be the ‘goody two-shoes’ poster boy that he used to be.

Which is why we were surprised to see that he is on the cover of Teen Vogue’s May 2013 issue -- a magazine that usually picks teen role models to front their covers.

In the magazine, Justin Bieber talks about all of his haters and says he doesn't mind if they keep on coming SINCE he still makes money out of every bad comment or view of his videos, which is actually a good point.

Bieber has always received much critique, as one would expect being such a huge star, but never for so many controversial incidents. We remember the good old days when it was simply all about the hair... Is it possible that changing his hairdo affected his karma?

Let’s take a look back and some of Bieber’s old hairstyles, divide them to do’s and don'ts, and maybe help correct his karma.

The Do’s:

The Bieber Trademark: Playful, fun, and airy

The New Do: Perfect, correct, and clean

With a Hat: You don't always want to show off your assets

The Don’ts:

The Bieber Trademark: Being too cute can also be a problem

The New Do: There is a fine line between a stylish cut and Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210

With a Hat: This might only be OK when you are skiing

Justin Posing for Teen Vogue: Love the hair, but the dancing...?

How do you prefer your Justin Bieber?

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