February Fashion Horoscopes: Your Style Is Written In The Stars

Fashion Horoscopes For 2014: Your Style Is Written In The Stars!

Posted on 31st December 2013 | Fashion Horoscope

Happy New Year, Fashion Lovers! FashionTV is ringing in 2014 with a new tradition: fashionscopes! We’ve turned to the stars (literally) to check out what’s in store for 2014 and how that corresponds to our wardrobes!

Check out your sign then start preparing the wardrobe, and don’t forget to come back each week as we will be interpreting the astrological messages into fashion mantras! Don’t think about going shopping until you know what’s in store.



Aries, 2014 is your year to be ambitious! You will finish many of the pending tasks you have left over from 2013 and will have enough energy to start a new hobby, so make it count! Stay cheerful because many new attractions and relationships will come your way that you won’t want to miss. This is the year to try that ensemble you never thought you could pull off or that color you have been hesitant to wear. Embrace bright colors and new designs, and it will affect your mood correspondingly!


Taurus, 2014 is your year of change, but don’t be worried, these are changes you have wanted to make for some time. This is your time to drop bad habits and pick up new, healthy ones. Your confidence will be higher than usual at the beginning of the year, so ride the momentum! Now is the time to face the world with renewed courage—and a new wardrobe. Try a new, bolder, style and mix it with your regular aesthetic for a look that defines “you."


Gemini, 2014 will bring the peace and serenity you’ve been longing for, so embrace it. Don’t make any major changes in the beginning of the year. There’s plenty of time for that, so step back and enjoy the smooth ride. This is a time to refine your style. You know what you like, but now it’s time for an update. Go for your same style but add a twist of something new. A bright accessory usually does the trick!


Cancer, 2014 is your year for relationships. Now is the time to reevaluate those in your life who affect you most. It’s important to listen more than speak at this time, even though you usually are the talkative one. Cut loose those people who are a drain and make sure to put that effort into the good relationships around you. Wear colors that you know work on you but try them in a different style. If you usually wear flats, grab a pair of heels in your favorite color.


Leo, 2014 is the time to make those changes you’ve been thinking about. It’s time to consolidate some of your ongoing projects and begin new ones. For starters, that means clean out your wardrobe and add new pieces. If it’s been on the hanger for more than at least a year and hasn’t been worn, donate it to make room for the new! Make sure to add the peices that you’ve always been eyeing but never thought to buy!


Virgo, with 2014 comes lots of energy for you, so put it to good use. Focus all this energy on the things that matter the most, and in the end, it will pay off. This is a time when you take a deviation from your life route for the better! So your wardrobe should reflect this newfound path. Try something you’ve always adored but never had the courage to wear. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll actually feel in your new style!


Libra, 2014 is the year to let bygones be bygones. This year will be free from all the trials and tribulations that have plagued you the past couple of years. Show off this new found freedom by sprucing up your wardrobe. Add bright colors and new accessories to your collection. If anything Libra, over accessorize! This is your year to play around with your look.


Scorpio, 2014 is your year of surprises. Don’t get distracted, though; give priority to your ambitions and ideals in life. You will have lots of new unexpected opportunities thrown your way, but as always, you will take them in style, just don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! With all these new, exciting things happening, make sure your wardrobe is new and exciting too! Hop on some of the seasonal trends and wear with confidence!


Sagittarius, 2014 is your year to take action and set your dreams and ideals in motion. Trust your instincts and don’t look back. Don’t waste this surge of energy coming your way by over-thinking or questioning. This is the year of doing, so make it count. This attitude should also be reflected in your wardrobe. Dress smart and strong and everything else will fall in line.


Capricorn, 2014 is your year to lead. Take charge of the things in your life that you feel are out of your control. This attitude will be noticeable, so it’s important to put it to good use among those around you. Make efforts to detangle any problems around you, as 2014 will bring some conflicts. When it comes to fashion, don’t hold back. You’re a natural leader, so lead the pack this year with all the latest trends!


Aquarius, 2014 is your year to let loose. Stressors of the past will resolve themselves quickly in 2014 leaving you ample free time to engage in hobbies. There will be much success in your personal life, so don’t get bogged down by only focusing on negatives. Now is the time to play with your style. Change it up and add pieces to your wardrobe, which are completely new. Try a different look each week if you want!


Pisces, 2014 is your year of discovery. You will have the confidence to venture into new opportunities, which will present themselves frequently. Be a tourist in your own life! Show off this widened cultural side by incorporating ethnic or period items into your wardrobe. Sometimes what is deemed “trendiest” at the moment isn’t as trendy as coming up with your own unique outfit inspired by looks from the past or exotic locations.



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