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FashionTV Calendars Weekend Special

Posted on 7th December 2012 | FashionTV News

This weekend, FashionTV brings you to the making of some of the hottest and most important calendars for 2013. We go behind-the-scenes with exclusive footage of the models who appeared in calendars like Pirelli, Campari, Riello, Lavazza, and Clara Morgane.

See Brazilian beauties like Adriana Lima and Isabeli Fontana in Rio de Janeiro for Pirelli and take in a dashing Penelope Cruz in bold red for Campari. Lavazza’s Opera Viva: 2013 Social Calendar will blow you away with the colorful digital art of Marco Brambilla. And of course, Clara Morgane featuring French actress Morgane will take your breath away...literally!

Get your fill of celebrities, beauties, and artwork as FashionTV highlights the new calendars coming out for 2013...all weekend long! Here’s a preview:

Lavazza’s Opera Viva: The 2013 Social Calendar

This year, Lavazza launched its 2013 calendar with a social project that included a 2 minute video installation describing 12 themes. The video includes digital art by Marco Brambilla and comes just in time for the launch of Turin Social Media Week. The calendar is no longer on paper--it instead, has been transformed into a video collage.

The 2013 Campari Calendar featuring Penelope Cruz

If you haven’t see a striking Penelope Cruz in the 2013 Campari Calendar, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The Spanish actress defies superstitions like black cats, broken mirrors, umbrellas indoors, and ladders to come out looking as stunning as ever in red ensembles from high fashion designers like Salvatore Ferragamo. She drinks Campari, of course.

Tune in to FashionTV’s calendars weekend special to get 12 months worth of sexy and stylish photos from artists and your favorite models and celebrities.


For photos from 2013 Calendars, click Here.

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