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FashionTV Cover Girl Fahrani Talks Tattoos, Trends and Talent

Posted on 9th December 2012 | Models

She started modeling at the age of 13, has tattoos all over, and has built herself a wild reputation. But what is life really like living in Bali and who is the REAL Fahrani Empel. FashionTV get to find out, in an exclusive interview with the Indonesian model.

You featured in the first edition of FashionTV magazine and made it as our cover girl for the Gold Issue! How did the photo shoot go?

Fa’: It went awesome! I couldn’t ask for a better result. We shot it in Los Angeles and I loved how I could play around with the ‘wild’ theme. But I had never, or ever will be into snakes – at all! When the albino boa showed up on set, I was definitely freaking out.

Fa' gets wild for FashionTV Magazine's Gold Issue

You’re tattoos seem to be part of your signature look. Did you get them to enhance your style-appeal?

Fa’: Well, I definitely get these tattoos for that reason! It was purely because I love body art. After a while I saw how people reacted to them and soon realized that everyone is ready for an edgier, tattooed girl to be a part of the entertainment and fashion industry.

Are you a style innovator, trend setter, or fashion follower?

Fa’: Hmm… Let’s put it this way. I wear things whenever I like, wherever, and however I want. I believe in being creative with who you are also applies to the wardrobe that you wear. I can’t really be categorized in any of them because on fashion because I get inspired from people around me and if people get inspired by me then I’m happy that I have passed on my energy.


 Posing in prints for FashionTV

You now live in Bali. What’s the story behind the move?

Fa’: To put it simply, Bali is beautiful. And not just visually, but spiritually as well. The spirit of the island, has made me fall in love with the lifestyle here.

Are you as wild as people perceive you to be?

Fa’: People will always tend to judge others from the outside because it’s in our nature. I don’t blame people for having the wrong perception of me. There’s a routine to my life: I wake up early to take my dogs for a walk, I bless the trees, go to a yoga class or hit the gym and do my work until it’s time to go home to cook dinner. Is that wild? Wild can be specified into so many different ways.

Do you think that by living in Indonesia, with it’s many restrictions and cultural boundaries, that you are not able to express yourself as freely as you would like?

Fa’: In some cases I do agree with this kind of limitation, but being Indonesian, I grew up with all of that. I have come to an understanding of it where I respect where these restrictions and boundaries are coming from. I think you can still do, say and wear whatever you want but just have to be aware of your surroundings.

Fa' rocks the gold shoes-python look

How is acting compared to modelling?

Fa’: They are two completely different things. I only model several times in a year now. Modelling is just a gig for me. But as for acting, it’s a never-ending learning experience for me. I love it more than just being a model but I’m still a baby in that field so I still have a long, long way to go.

Who is your biggest critic?

Fa’: My mother, for sure. She has the experience when it comes to working in the industry, but she’s also the voice of reason in my life. Besides her, my biggest critic would be myself.

So many young women want to be in your shoes, What’s the secret to success and the wisdom you can share?

Fa’: I would say to just be yourself and be confident. Chase your dreams if you truly believe in them because everyone else believes in you. Oh! And also... never forget to stay humble!


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