Cannes Film Festival Weekend Special | FashionTV
05.19.2016 | FashionTV News
The most glamorous international film festival of the year is in full swing and with it, comes an abundance of A-list attendees, VIP events and line-up of bejewelled gowns. Join us this weekend as FashionTV transports you to the Cotes d'Azur for our full coverage of the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival. Tune in: May 20-22. From film premieres to balls and galas, there’s certainly been no... read more >>
They say the greatest things come in twos, and nothing could be truer of design duo Dean and Dan... read more >>
05.09.2016 | FashionTV News
The man and his brand have stolen the hearts and wardrobes of celebrities, editors and... read more >>
04.06.2016 | FashionTV News
We hope you’ve been following New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 on FashionTV! If not, take the... read more >>
02.18.2016 | FashionTV News
Get ready for a major model story on FashionTV, as we dedicate this weekend special programming... read more >>
02.03.2016 | FashionTV News
Join FashionTV this weekend as we take you to the top of the model roster and enter into the... read more >>
01.06.2016 | FashionTV News
An icon, a fashion designer, a photographer, a living legend. Join us, as we take you on a... read more >>
12.31.2015 | FashionTV News
If last week’s fashion stories series wasn’t enough of a glamour injection for you, then this... read more >>
12.24.2015 | FashionTV News
If you’re a fan of our weekend specials, then hold onto your fashion hats for this upcoming... read more >>
12.17.2015 | FashionTV News
Winter is well and truly upon us! And we can almost taste the holiday spirit! But what do we... read more >>
12.07.2015 | FashionTV News
If you’re an Armani fan – clothes, fragrances, beauty, shoes, bags, models, the lot! – then you... read more >>
12.03.2015 | FashionTV News
She’s been named model of the year at the British Fashion Awards, lensed by the world’s top... read more >>
11.27.2015 | FashionTV News
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