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Friday DJ Mash-Up... It's Party Time!

Posted on 22nd March 2013 | Fashion News

From the hottest crowds partying in Budapest, to a crazy F.Bar costume party in TLV, and pumping sets from DJ Dash, FashionTV are here to get you in the mood for a weekend of hardcore celebrations!

Play That Funky Music

Tonight we take you across the waters and over to the glamorous Fratelli Club in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, where everyone who is anyone in the music scene has arrived for a night of  back-to-back DJ sets and live performances. Find out what really goes on behind closed Fratelli doors, and enjoy all the best bits:

Costume Party Time

Now, you’ve seen the fun loving DJ’s but what about the serious party animals, and we mean, quite literally! From cheeky bunnies to luscious leopards, beautiful butterflies, darling devils, and more the Israeli party scene at F.Bar Tel Aviv has gone costume crazy! And it’s just another reason to channel your inner alter ego. See if you can pick out your favorite costume at this wild one:

DJ Dash Berlin In Russia

DJ Dash Berlin knows just how to get the crowds going. The Dutch DJ is at M33 in Arkhangelsk, Russia and ripping up the floor with his good-vibe trance tracks. Watch the man in action... we doubt you will be sitting down for this one!


How do you like to party

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