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Gaga Style Bad for Indonesians?

Posted on 22nd May 2012 | Celebrity

The pop singer had to cancel her sold-out concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. The reason: Islamic hard-liners claimed Lady Gaga's sexy clothes and dance moves would corrupt young people.

Lady Gaga is known for her seductive outfits, passionate dance moves, and all around sexy shows. Apparently, for Indonesian extremists it was too much. The pop star had to cancel her live performance, even though all the tickets were sold out. The reason for the cancellation: Islamic hard-liners who loudly protested against the singer and her show. Some even threatened to use physical force in order to prevent Gaga from stepping off her plane.

Although Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country, it has a long history of religious tolerance. Lately, extremists have become much more vocal and strongly stood out against the pop-diva’s concert. Local police leaders were worried that they could not guarantee Lady Gaga's safety, and recommended to cancel the anticipated live performance.

The Jakarta concert was supposed to be the highlight of Lady Gaga's Asian tour. 52,000 tickets were sold for the show, half of them within the first two hours of sales. Permits for concerts in Jakarta are usually issued about three weeks before the show. Therefore, it is very common to sell tickets before the permit is given.

Saut Nasution, a spokesman for the Indonesian police, told the BBC's Indonesian branch that "It is better that we don't give permission rather than that [the concert] ends up being stopped by the people. We have already received a letter requesting us to consider the people's plea [for cancellation]”.

Neither Lady Gaga nor the organizers were willing to comment on the issue.

Lady Gaga's Asian tour includes many other performances, most of them already sold out. However, it was not only Indonesians troubled by the sexy nature of the show. In South Korea, for example, conservatives were also concerned with Gaga’s perfmormance. Unlike Indonesia, in South Korea the concert is only available for fans 18 or older. Will Lady Gaga be forced to change the hot atmosphere on stage? We doubt that.

Should this extreme trend worry western countries? We leave it for you to decide.

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