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Going Under

Posted on 2nd January 2012 | Sexy

FashionTV highlights sweet and sexy lingerie by your favorite top designers

During fashion weeks, we usually get to see only suits, coats, trousers, blouses and fashion accessories. But, top fashion designers also have visions about what you should wear under your garments. Here are few of Fashiontv favorite lingerie lines, which will light passion and make your days and nights sexier than ever…

Among the world’s top fashion designers you can find big brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and others. Their collections are inspiring and being sold all over the world. Sometimes it seems like they are those who determine which clothes we will wear next seasons. If you are fond of one top designer or another, you can wear his clothes and complete the outfit with matching sexy luxury lingerie. The prices are not always high, and of course you can wait for the sales season to renew the lingerie wardrobe. Check out Fashiontv favorite lingerie lines.

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Dolce & Gabbana

The Italian top designers create amazing and very comfortable lingerie lines both for men and for women. In their fall 2010 collection the leopard prints ruled and turn the bras and panties to exotic and wild. The summer 2011 lingerie collection by Dolce & Gabbana is much more vivid and includes blue, pink, yellow and floral prints. The bra figures are very flattering and you can find thongs and panties for almost every design. If you are fond of leopard prints, Dolce & Gabbana’s collection offers conventional black-brown-white prints and also pink and yellow leopard underwear that will make you look sexy and trendy.

Louis Vuitton

This luxury French fashion house produced provocative and chic lingerie lines that will give your man a very hard time. If you like lace, chiffon and transparent under garments, Louis Vuitton lingerie has collections you should check.

Calvin Klein

Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you like push up bras or boxer underwear, Calvin Klein has it all. Solid colors and floral prints are usually very popular on Klein’s lingerie lines. You can also find lace bras, satin nightgowns and sexy chemises in his collections. The main thing is – even if you don’t have a six pack or super-thin figure, CK underwear are most likely to fit you perfectly.

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Tommy Hilfiger

The sexy, cool young theme in Tommy Hilfiger’s designs sticks out also in his lingerie collections. Instead of laces and sexy designs, Hilfiger goes for amuch more casual line, which fits T-shirts and day-to-day outfits. If you like Hilfiger’s fashion style, you are going to LOVE those under garments.

Emporio Armani

If you are looking for some uber-sexy lingerie, Emporio Armani might be a perfect option for you. This Italian label uses lace in a remarkable way, and offers bras, thongs and panties that can’t be ignored. The colors in Emporio Armani’s lines are very conventional – black and bordeaux rule almost all the collections.

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Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli likes leopard prints. He likes it on dresses, on trousers, on coats and also on lingerie. If you are looking at an expensive bra or panty, and it has leopard prints on it, then you are probably looking at an item designed by Cavalli. The thing is Cavalli knows how to make all kinds of leopard combinations, that every collection seems fresh, updated and sexier than the previous one.

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Jean Paul Gaultier

In 2010 French top designer, Jean Paul Gaultier,  collaborated with the underwear label La Perla. The outcome was an amazing super-sexy lingerie line that proved once again Gaultier knows how to give sex a luxurious perspective. The designer who invented Madonna’s conical bra for her 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour, created a limited lingerie collection that left us begging for more.

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Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is one of the top young designers who realized fashion has to accommodate the world’s economic situation. Therefore, in 2010 he created a cheaper line which also included magnificent lingerie. If you like velvet touches on your bra or prefers chiffon and lace shorts, and you don’t like spending the whole salary on it, Wang’s designs may fit you like a glove.

Next time you feel like refreshing your sexy lingerie collection, take a look at what top designers have to offer. After all, a hot Cavalli, Vuitton or Gaultier can easily replace Victoria’s Secret items from time to time. Don’t you think…?

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