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Posted on 14th December 2011 | Designers

FashionTV Features The Best Designer Collaborations At H&M

If money were not an issue, which top designer’s clothing would take up your wardrobe? Karl Lagerfeld? Roberto Cavalli? Stella McCartney? Versace? Lanvin? All of the above and more? What would you do if you could purchase items designed by all these designers, but for a more affordable price? If your answer is “I would leave everything and run to the closest store,” then we insist you continue reading.

Although we would love to, we can’t all afford the fashion by top worldly designers.  Because of this, the fashion industry has the opportunity to target this market of people who, although can’t afford to buy many of the top designer name brands, want to mock the style modeled on the runways. H&M, an international clothing store that offers fashion and quality at the best price, collaborated with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in 2004. This was the first time such an occurrence took place. Though Lagerfeld was concerned that working with a fast fashion company would harm his prestige, it did everything but.

Once his clothes were placed on H&M shelves, there was no place left for doubts—the partnership was very fruitful. Two days later, the label was sold out. The enthusiasm from this successful campaign set the ground for future collaborations.

What do you think would happen if more and more top designers collaborated with stores like H&M? The answer: They would never stop shopping. Hear that Christian Dior?

Do you have any H&M clothes designed by top designers? What do you think about them?

After Lagerfeld, came top fashion designer Stella McCartney in 2005 with a special H&M collection. The range McCartney created for her H&M line was similar to her most expensive collection. The H&M-McCartney partnership allowed fans to buy her attractive designs at an affordable price. Like Lagerfeld, sales soared and another successful top designer and H&M partnership was well underway.

A year later, fashion designers Viktor & Rolf announced their own partnership with a Swedish retailer. Over the years, these Amsterdam-based designers created a very aesthetically-pleasing avant-garde line. Following this alliance, Viktor & Rolf managed to extend their appeal to the general public.

In 2007 H&M did it again. Launching their collaboration with Italian top designer Roberto Cavalli, his famous leopard prints and style made all fans gung-ho wild in H&M stores worldwide.

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What do you think about the Roberto Cavalli’s collection?

British designer Matthew Williamson has created two separate collections for H&M, both in 2009. The first line offered exclusive clothes for women while the second line was dedicated for men. This was the first time Williamson was designing for men. Most Williamson designs were offered in select stores, but the swimwear collection for both men and women was available in every company store worldwide.

Later in 2009, H&M released a limited edition collection by Jimmy Choo.

By the end of 2009, top fashion designer Sonia Rykiel was added to the list of designers collaborating with H&M. She designed ladies knitwear, accessories and lingerie. The collections were inspired by Rykiel’s runway designs, and included pullover knit sweaters with ruffled sleeves, glittering rainbow skirts and blouses and much more. The designs made by the “Queen of Knit” were sold in H&M stores and also in Rykiel’s own high-end boutiques. This was also the first time that an H&M line was available in other stores.

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During fall 2010, H&M stores were crowded due to the launch of a new collaboration. This time, guest designer Alber Elbaz, who brought the Lanvin’s fashion point of view to the amazing collection, was the new guy on board. The idea behind this collaboration was to give H&M a more luxurious side. It also gave Lanvin the opportunity to create fashion for a bigger audience.

Did you like the Lanvin for H&M collection?

In June of 2011 H&M announced an alliance with Italian top fashion house Versace. Donatella Versace’s designs for H&M are going to include collections for both men and women. Colorful beautiful dresses, high heel shoes and custom jewelry are going to dominate the women’s wear. The men’s collection will consist of tuxedos, belts, and fine jewelry. Moreover, Versace will design a few home goods like bedspreads and cushions.

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If you like Marni designs, this coming spring will make you very happy. H&M headquarters has already announced that in spring 2012 they will be partnering with the cool Italian fashion label.

Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli and Sonia Rykiel enjoyed collaborating with H&M.  So who’s next?

Can you guess who will be next to collaborate with H&M?

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