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Happy Birthday Miranda Kerr: Here’s Why We LOVE You!

Posted on 20th April 2013 | Models

Today Miranda Kerr turns 30! So how are we celebrating? By remembering all the reasons we love her with these cute clips.

From her Victoria’s Secret Angel days to forming her own cosmetics company, bagging the dream husband to having Baby Flynn, and being the all round smiler... here are 21 reasons why we love Mrs Bloom!

1. In 2007 she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

2. She know’s how to blow the perfect kiss... Catch it quick!

3. She can do sultry too.

4. Miranda has excellent taste in men and bagged the dream husband.

5. And this is how she seduced him... Step 1: flutter those lids.

6. Step 2: Pucker up and go for the kiss.

7. Happy lingerie dance... Ooh yea, you know!

8. (So... how was it?) Coy Miranda: “My lips are sealed.”

9. And Orlando Bloom’s totally smitten too.

10. Miranda surprised us all with her bendy yoga moves.

11. She proved to be eco-friendly and a successful entrepreneur with her Kora Organics skincare range.

12. She totally worked the Spring 2013 Mango campaign.

13. But she looks great as Wonder Woman too!

14. Miranda has mastered the simultaneous kiss, wink, and wave.

15. She’s an outdoor kinda gal, always looking to get a spot of fresh air, whether it’s city chick...

16. Or carefree beach babe.

17. She made Baby Bloom.

18. And is never one shy away from making baby faces.

19. And yet we still go to her for tips for life.

20. As well as those awesome dance moves.

21. And with the news that she’s moving on to bigger and better things this year... Stay tuned!


What do you wish Miranda for her 29th birthday

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