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Haute Couture Gets Haute Coiffure With Charlie le Mindu

Posted on 9th February 2013 | Paris Couture Spring 2013

Forget Haute Couture, says designer Charlie le Mindu, this season it’s all about “haute coiffure,” as the avant-garde designer presented his hair punk collection at Paris Couture last week.

Lady Gaga’s hairstylist-come-fashion designer Charlie le Mindu showcased his first ever collection at Paris Haute Couture last Monday, and it was fashion to the extreme! Models daringly took to the runway for the “Metal Queen” Spring 2013 collection, which started as it meant to go on... outrageously.

Couture Gets Hairy

Choosing a material near and dear to his heart, the london-based bad boy of fashion, opted for his signature use of human hair as the focal point of his collection. From hats to fringing, hair sculptures to collars, and an entire dress made from the unconventional material, hair dangled all over the catwalk.

But it was not just the hair that onlookers were gawping at. The cuts and provocative splicing of black and white dresses from the collection left little to the imagination, with leather looks covering up everything but the models busts.

Swagger and Scare

Meanwhile, the showmanship added an extra element of dynamism to the already creative collection as models slowly swaggered onto the catwalk with claw-like nails and jaunty gestures.

Le Mindu’s collection was based on his muse Lee Aaron’s eighties heavy-metal hit, and inspired by the idea of women who frighten him:

“I wanted to do a collection that was inspired by the women who scare me and have a lot of charisma. So that’s why the models look like kind of sexy monsters — I want them to scare men,” said Le Mindu speaking to WWD.

What's your favorite look from the collection

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