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Posted on 21st October 2012 | Designers

Indonesian fashion designer, Tex Saverio, made his name for THAT dress worn by Lady Gaga. But Savario want’s to be recognised as more than just “The Lady Gaga Guy.” Saverio Speaks with FashionTV Magazine about his life, successes, and ambitions in the fashion world.

Headline-making designer Tex Saverio is one of the brightest young talents to come from the Indonesian fashion scene and is fast becoming the prodigal embodiment of success. So surely there is more to the designer than pop star Lady Gaga’s dress! FashionTV got up close and personal with the Indonesian talent for the BOLD issue of FashionTV magazine. And we simply adore him!

In showcasing creativity, it is never easy to make an effortless statement. But in the case of Saverio, the new fashion ingénue has the Indonesian fashion scene buzzing about his talent, penchant for details, and flare; and has aptly landed him a spot where the only way is up.

Designer in focus: Meet Tex Saverio on our FashionTV Magazine photo shoot for the BOLD issue

Saverio started his fashion career by entering countless fashion competitions. From his days as a fashion student, Saverio challenged himself by putting his designs forward for international competitions. It paid off! The accolades and awards that now adorn his boutique walls are something that Saverio is very proud of – just not talked about as much as the true trophy!

But despite designing clothing and jewelry for competitions around Europe and Asia, Saverio’s most remarkable achievement is how he single-handedly grabbed the spotlight and put Indonesian fashion on the map.

“I realized fashion was my dream when I was in junior high school. I drew a lot of sketches and a teacher noticed my drawings. It was suggested that I should study [fashion] and that’s how I became who I am today,” the 27-year-old designer said.

His fashion objective is simple, unassuming and understanding of what everyone seeks in life. Saverio revealed, “I just want to create something beautiful for women and make them more powerful through the style of clothing.”

A strong believer of how clothing can define the woman, Saverio sees the true beauty of a commanding attitude – it’s something that he has always adored in women. This is showcased in his signature dramatic, embroidered, and embellished style.

Saverio’s debut into the fashion world started in 2010, alongside designers Imelda Kartini, Albert Yanuar and Hian Tjen in a showcase titled “Rejuvenate.” Saverio became the debutante that got the most number of spotlights which rapidly pushed his name a notch above the rest.

“I really don’t think I became ‘famous’ that fast. I started out in 2006 and my journey was nothing if not a long one, even today, I’m still climbing to where I want to be.”

Albeit not a solo show, the sense of contentment that he had after the runway show meant that the five years of his struggle has paid off in making a name for himself in the fashion business.

When the opportunity came to do Rejuvenate, Saverio finally found the right moment to say: “This is me and I don’t care what people are going to say. The thing about that debut show was that I just want to be honest with myself and to my work.” He enjoys the same mechanics after the iconic Lady Gaga wore one of his dress designs.

Saverio explained, “I need to remind people that it was only one dress amongst thousands that she has more access to. It’s an achievement for sure, but I’m not typecasting myself on only being ‘the Lady Gaga guy’. I’m confident that I can be true to myself and I can create something bigger and better.”

Staying true to his style, there is no denying that all of his gowns are nothing short of dramatic. Some might even suggest that it is his way of grabbing people’s attention.

“I do have a plan to make something more ready-to-wear, but it’s not going to be something as simple as your average little black dress. It’s going to be a tapered down version of what I have created and it will still have that dramatic vision.”

And FashionTV can’t wait to see what lies in store!

What’s Next for Tex?

“I keep asking myself, ‘What next?’ It’s the same thought process that I have when I’m creating a look,” Saverio commented.

Now that he has tackled dressing the ultimate pop diva, will he embark upon a different fashion journey? How about heading to the four fashion capitals; New York, London, Milan, and Paris?

“I’m still a work in progress. I’m going to definitely do my best to make that happen.

Hopefully it’s written in the future for me.”

Good luck Saverio! FashionTV loves fashion-forward Indonesia and we are busy finding the biggest and best talents around our favorite country, to bring you all the best of Asian fashion! Visit us online at With love.

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