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Posted on 8th March 2013 | Model of the Week
Who is the lucky Valentine? Photo: @KateBockWho is the lucky Valentine? Photo: @KateBock

The rookie race is on! And not only is this Canadian doll running against four other belles for the Sports Illustrated title as “Rookie of the Year,” but she is FashionTV’s Model of the Week. Wake up ladies, there’s another hot blonde in town!

Kate Bock is from West Vancouver and making a name for herself as one of the most beautiful Canadian models around. She has a sweet and pretty accent, piercing blue eyes, and a body to die for! So how did it all begin for the 5’ 10” model? She puts it down to luck and chance.

Bock was headhunted at a swimming pool when she was just 12-years-old and placed in front of a camera little than a week later. Now, at the age of  21, she is steadily climbing her way to the top of the model ladder and was still relatively unknown even last year. Until, that is, she landed the dream jobs; modeling for Victoria’s Secret in 2012 and now featuring in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition!

For the shoot, Bock was whisked away to the Easter Island in Chile, and true to SI form, slipped into a number of barely-there bikinis to flaunt her bronzed body on the crystalline beaches. Meanwhile, the four SI rookie competitors are doing their utmost in campaigning to try and secure the top spot as next year’s cover girl.

Bock has also featured in ads for American brands such as Perry Ellis where she is pictured alongside male heartthrob Tom Bull for the Spring 2012 campaign.  But we’ve got our bets on 2013 being the year for Bock, as the rookie stakes heat up and designers and photographers wake up to the model frenzy surrounding Bock the babe


Who do you want to see win the swimwear "Rookie of the Year" title

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