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Lady Gaga’s September Vogue Cover- Too Airbrushed?

Posted on 8th September 2012 | Celebrity

The votes are in and the media’s gone wild! A new behind-the-scenes look at Lady Gaga’s September Vogue cover shoot reveals just how much airbrushing went into giving Gaga that perfect hourglass shape.

It’s little secret the magic Photoshop can do, and even less a secret that magazine cover girls are prime target for a touch of smoothing, curving, trimming, and plumping. We all remember “that image” of Kristin Stewart’s missing arm in Glamour, Katy Perry’s Rolling Stone airbrush drama, and the controversy surrounding Demi Moore’s W cover. But this time round, it’s Lady Gaga and Vogue that are taking the heat over allegations of too much retouching.

After a much anticipated wait, wild pop sensation Lady Gaga has graced the cover of Vogue’s September issue, arguably its most important of the year. It’s also the biggest one Vogue has ever done.  Dressed to “wow,” in an electric-purple Marc Jacobs dress, the September cover shows Gaga in a nipped fishtail gown, revealing her tiny-tucked waist, perfect hourglass figure, and wild mane of “Fozzie Bear” hair.

But it’s not her exquisite gown or outrageous hair that have been the focus of attention in recent days. Footage released by Vogue, of Gaga in action on set, shows dramatic differences between shooting day and the end result.

In the video, Gaga looks more, dare we say, like a regular person. Her waistline is clearly not as accentuated as the cover image, her breasts less plump, face less chiseled, and dress less defined. And, to top it off, the video is accompanied by her song “Hair,” with lyrics like “I just wanna be myself and I want you to love me for who I am.”

Gaga is all about being original and being herself. So, then, why the need to Photoshop?

The cover image shot by known fashion photography duo Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas is said to have been retouched work by their team, rather than the magazine itself. But how much does it really matter? Are we meant to think this is a natural image anyway?

We all know and love Vogue for its artistic creations and Gaga for her extremes -  lyrics, fashion, music videos, red carpet appearances, and interviews. Despite allegations, the self-proclaimed, “New York avant-garde fashion monster” (Gaga) is still seen to be rocking her loud personality and fun-performing self in the clip, while exposing to the world yet another Gaga-extreme.

Gaga wrote on her Twitter page, “I’M A COVER GIRL, and IT’S FAB! Can't wait to show u tonight!”

Check out Katy Perry in Rolling Stone’s “Sex, God, and Katy Perry” cover shoot below:

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