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Manolo Blahnik’s Christmas Surprise!

Posted on 24th December 2012 | Designers

Over the 12 days of Christmas, the Manolo Blahnik team have been keeping us festively entertained with a series of pictures from the shoe maven’s stores around the world! But what surprise did we find whilst ogling over some sparkling “Manolos...?”

Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik has brought joy to the world, and indeed, many womens feet with his pinnacle creations. And last week, news emerged that the silver-haired master maker has been busy sketching the imagery for London Fashion Week Fall 2013-14!

The exciting news comes only a few weeks after Blahnik was recognised for his creative visions and contribution to the fashion industry, taking home the Outstanding Achievement Award in Fashion Design at the British Fashion Awards 2012.

His latest drawings will be plastered all over the print and digital campaign material for the next edition of London Fashion Week which takes place in February 2013, and here’s a sneak peek at what to expect!

And for a little festive fun, see which classic “Manolos” have been adorning shop windows and shaped into festive decorations for their “12 Stores of Christmas” Twitter posts!

  •  (1)

    12 Stores of Christmas: Harrods, London

    Manolos on fairytale toes at Harrods, London. @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (2)

    Blahnik for London Fashion Week

    Manolo Blahnik been busy sketching away for the Fall 2013-14 edition of London Fashion Week! @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (3)

    Manolo Decorations

    It’s a super stylish Manolo Christmas wreath! @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (4)

    12 Stores of Christmas: New York

    Manolos in New York window display. @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (5)

    12 Stores of Christmas: Hong Kong

    Manolos in Landmark Hong Kong. @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (6)

    Manolo Decorations

    Who needs baubles on the Crimble tree when you can have Manolos under it?! @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (7)

    Manolo Decorations

    Manolo’s dreaming of a white Christmas with these dainty shoes. @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (8)

    12 Stores of Christmas: Madrid

    Manolo Blahnik Madrid adds some Mediterranean colors for a festive day! @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (9)

    Manolo Decorations

    Final Manolo preparations under the Christmas tree. @ManoloBlahnik

  •  (10)

    12 Stores of Christmas: Old Church Street, London

    Manolo Blahnik, Old Church Street. @ManoloBlahnik


Have you spotted Manolo Blahnik window displays in your city

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