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Midnight Hot: 3 Sexy Lingerie Shows

Posted on 9th July 2012 | Sexy

Sexy fashion shows are always a lot of fun. It’s a chance to see beautiful women, revealing lingerie and fill your head with new fantasies. This Monday, FashionTV takes you from Paris to China – a sexy lingerie tour that will keep you smiling all day long…

Maison Close Burlesque Show

The Maison Close lingerie show in Paris is as hot as you can get! If you like to watch beautiful women presenting their sexiest assets, driving everyone near them crazy, just hit the link below. This is a one woman show. A foxy lady showcases how sex appeal, see-through undergarments and lots of power can create the perfect lingerie show.

Sexy Fancy Lingerie

Which lingerie figure do you like best? Whether it’s little bras, tiny thongs, sexy garters or other naughty lingerie, you can find it on the catwalk of the Sexy Fancy Show. Amazing models present new lingerie trends coming directly from Paris to your computer (and hopefully to your home...).

Aidai Lingerie Show

Though Paris is one of the most romantic and fashionable cities on earth, when it comes to lingerie, China has also much to offer. This Aidai Lingerie show is proof for that. Red, black and white lingerie as well as sexy floral designs presented during the show.

The fact that the models have exotic eyes makes them even more unique. As you watch the clip, try to pay attention to the magnificent accessories. Don’t worry, if you missed it  the first time, you can always hit the link again and again...

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