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Midnight Hot: Seductive Fashion Parties & Music

Posted on 13th May 2013 by Yoav Yeger | Sexy

For the fashion party society the real fun always starts at night, when the hardcore parties take place. All the animals come out to play, usually after the midnight, and that's when it gets really hot -- MIDNIGHT HOT!

If you're in Miami at a Winter Music Conference 2013 party, then you’re at the right place for georges babes, lot’s of skin baring, fashion costumes, and great music.

Pacha Ibiza Party at Bamboo

Bamboo Miami is one of the best venues to party all night long, and this next Pacha Ibiza party will not disappoint! There are some great costumes and outfits in this video, and everybody looks like they're having a blast, with all the creatures of the night dancing about and having plenty of fun.

"My Boyfriend is Out of Town" Party at Baoli

You have to love this party title -- “My Boyfriend is out of Town” -- because it sums up just what it means! You want to be at this next party at Baoli, but if you're her other half -- you WOULD NOT want your girlfriend to be there! Crazy, seductive, and outrageous describes the dancing in this next video. A must watch.

DJ Luciano Party at Story Club

This next party is all about the music -- both massive in its size, its also very apparent that a lot of effort went into producing this great evening. The beats are pumping up the crowd and they are loving it!

Which clubs have the best parties

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