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Midnight Hot: Sexy Sao Paulo

Midnight Hot: Sexy Magazine Photoshoots and Clips

Posted on 11th June 2012 | Sexy

Today, FashionTV takes you to exotic locations with super sexy models in order to see how your favorite magazine shoots are created. Whether it’s on the beach, inside a bedroom, or in a studio; the looks, sexy lingerie, and lustrous poses make these photographs totally irresistible.

Cover for XXL Magazine

Ruby red lips and fingernails plus scarlett heels are just the start of something sexy, as a model in a blunt black haired bob models sultry lingerie. XXL put this sexy model on the cover of the magazine’s current issue. Nude photos along with sexy poses make this clip a definite must-see.

Maxim Photoshoot

This clip brings all your Brazilian dreams to life. The exotic Amazonian rainforest serves as the perfect location for Maxim’s sexy photoshoot. Stunning models in bikinis, monokinis and other sultry beachwear send passionate looks towards the camera as they create unforgettable and sensual moments in the middle of the rainforest. If you like to see the models in a little less than a bikini, just let this clip go on and on, until you see exactly what you want...

Photoshoot for Lush Magazine

This Lush magazine photoshoot brings you a barely-clothed model posing for photographer Fred Meylan. High stilettos, nude lingerie, and oversized accessories look luscious on the elegant and gentle blond model. Unlike the other two photoshoots, this one includes taunting smiles and laughs that gives the sexy photoshoot a playful twist.

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