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Midnight Hot: Sexy Photoshoots for a HOT Monday

Posted on 3rd September 2012 | Sexy

It seems like creating a sexy photoshoot is an easy thing to do. Actually, this assumption is far from the truth.  First of all, you must have a super sexy model that knows how to pose for the camera.  There’s also the music. And the most important thing is combining all these elements into one hot and steamy video clip.

This Monday, FashionTV shares with you three of our newest Midnight Hot photoshoots. Before you hit these links, ask yourselves – are you ready for a HOT Monday??

Jennifer – Photoshoot by Jose Luis

Jennifer Vaughn stars in this creative video taken by Jose Luis. The sexy blonde model wears lacy lingerie, presenting her perfect body, while sending seductive looks to the camera. The model makes it hard for you to take your eyes off the screen. Oh, and we didn't say anything about the video’s grand finale... You’ll have to watch and see to get what we are talking about...

Keisha Kimball in a Sexy Photoshoot by Matt Blum

Photographer Matt Blum chose to wrap his sexy clip with Bjork's strong tune - “Army of Me”. With Keisha Kimball in the frame and Bjork as the music background, there is not much room for mistakes. Unlike other Midnight Hot clips, this time Blum chose to leave almost everything to our free imagination. Keisha poses while wearing a black lace bottom and a tight black shirt. The model plays with her clothes, teasing the viewer who eagers to see some more of her...

Photoshoot with Shea by Chris Vongsawat

Model Shea features in this seductive clip wearing only a sleeveless jacket (with nothing underneath) and a colorful necklace. Now try to envision how gorgeous she looks when she sends sexy stares to the camera and plays with her long wavy hair, letting us all enjoy her beautiful naked body. Click the link and let the brunette model with the blue eyes turn you on...

Did you enjoy the Midnight Hot clips? Click here and see many more!

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