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Midnight Hot: The Best of 2012

Posted on 17th December 2012 | Sexy

Midnight Hot has been a signature show for FashionTV for almost 15 years. Dubbed ‘the sexiest hour in television,’ here at FashionTV we certainly try to live up to that reputation.

And 2012 was no different; filled with exciting and sultry moments caught on film, at parties, photo shoots, events, and shows.

Here are the best Midnight Hot videos for 2012! Tune in to FashionTV’s all-week special which will run until the end of the year, featuring the best videos from all of our shows 24/7.

RED Fashion Film by Mitsuru Isshiki

This video is a great crowd pleaser, and has fascinated viewers worldwide by its enchanting vibe. The RED Fashion Film was shot by Japanese filmmaker and photographer Mitsuru Isshiki, who captures sexy lingerie in a red atmosphere, with cool editing and a great soundtrack. Plus, the styling is phenomenal! Check it out.

Johan Renck’s Agent Provocateur Lingerie Shoot

Another great fashion film comes from the genius director, Johan Renck, for Agent Provocateur. If Mitsuru Isshiki’s film could be described as having a ‘Tarantino-ish’ style to it, then Renck’s style may be said to take inspiration from David Lynch’s territory. Placing supermodel, Kirsty Hume, in the powerful role of a sexy mistress, controlling her surroundings and her man; Renck presents a perfect interpretation of what it means to wear Agent Provocateur.

John Carew and Inked Girls

Who thought that former football player and Aston Villa star, John Carew, would become a male model and sex symbol. FashionTV goes behind the scenes at the Inked Girls photoshoot, where footballer John Carew poses with two girls that flaunt their tattoo-covered bodies.

Bar Refaeli is

Maxim’s hottest girl in the world and one of the most dominant female models this year, Bar Refaeli introduces her new Under.Me collection for men. Bar Refaeli was also picked by FashionTV as one of the best bikini bodies for 2012.

At The Beach with Alexa

Shot by an extraordinary photographer, Khoa Bui, At the Beach with Alexa, was one of the most popular midnight hot videos of the year. Model Alexa Luczak is pictured on a tropical sandy beach and in the clear blue waters -- what more can you ask for? Enjoy the soothing ambiance, great soundtrack, and a mysterious cave.


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