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Midnight Hot: The Best Satin Lingerie Clips

Posted on 21st May 2012 | Sexy

Satin lingerie is super sexy and ultra feminine at the same time.

Today, FashionTV takes you on a journey of black satin lingerie clips. The next time you're ready for a sultry night between the sheets, you'll know exactly what lingerie to wear for that unforgettable moment. Enjoy...

Night in Satin

In the new Salon International de la Lingerie collection, you can find any type of lingerie imaginable- from provocative pieces to innocent ones; this sexy Parisian brand offers lacy undergarments, unique corsets, intricate lingerie getups, bustiers, bra, panty sets and much more on its latest runway show. Stunning models armed with seductive smiles showcase one of the most beautiful lingerie shows of 2012, leaving us lusting for more...

Sexy Madame Du Jour campaign

Celebrity photographer Giuliano Bekor shoots an incredibly sexy campaign for Madame Du Jour. The talented photographer demonstrates how a lingerie and nude photoshoot can be sophisticated and sexy rather than sleazy. The model wears some of the sexiest satin lingerie, while the male model stands in the nude behind her. This fragrance campaign for Madame Du Jour encompasses everything necessary for a sexy atmosphere.

Nuits de Satin Fashion Show

A satin lingerie fashion show that turns into a sexy party off the catwalk; can you imagine anything better? We don't think so. The Nuits de Satin Fashion Show showcased a great black and sexy lingerie collection. Each stunning model climbed down the stairs and onto the catwalk and stayed until all the models finishes presenting the sexy collection. Once all the sexy girls were on stage, the music got sexier and the atmosphere got much hotter.

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