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Posted on 27th February 2013 | Designers

The new Miss Dior short film is out! And with Natalie Portman cast as the starlet and Sofia Coppola the director, la vie en rose...

The French fashion house has been teasing us in the last few weeks, posting snippets and trailers for the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum short film on their Twitter and YouTube channel. And finally, on Friday, the fragrance inspired by love and romance, released its latest ad campaign. And we are so in LOVE.

In the clip, we see Natalie Portman, flirting in the fountains while lifting her black strapless Dior gown and luring her lover to frolic under the cooling sprinkles. In the next scene, Portman and her man are cruising through the boulevards of Los Angeles in a vintage roofless car, while she seduces him with her playful gaze and irresistible beauty.

And then, for our favorite part! The triumph of the flower woman. Portman is dressed in one of Raf Simons’, Dior Haute Couture creations straight off the Spring 2013 Parisian catwalks. She lays in the grass, looking pretty as a petal in the pink gown and to the song of French singer Edith Piaf, “la vie en rose.”

Natalie Portman perfectly embodies Miss Dior in exactly the way Christian Dior intended @DiorNatalie Portman perfectly embodies Miss Dior in exactly the way Christian Dior intended @Dior

Giving in to temptation, Miss Dior’s beau whisks her off her feet, and passionately kisses her in a heated moment of desire. And we don’t know about you, but we have played back this scene several times!

Dior called upon American filmmaker Sofia Coppola once again for the latest perfume campaign, who previously collaborated on the commercials in 2011. The result: A chic, romantic, and delectable story. Encore!


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