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Olympic-Size Fashion: Fashion Designers Create Stylish Olympic Uniforms

Posted on 1st August 2012 | Designers

Armani, Prada, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and many other top designers have put forth their best efforts to create the perfect uniforms for all the athletes a the Summer Olympics.

Sports and style combine with these one-of-a-kind pieces.  Here’s what the fashion icons have come up with.

Is London 2012 the most fashionable Olympic Games ever? The answer is yes, thanks to the designers who have created uniforms, swimwear, and much much more for the athletes competing this year.

The Olympics’ host team, Team Great Britain, has been dressed by Stella McCartney. The British designer used the Union flag as her inspiration, but added lots of delicate and feminine touches when appropriate. McCartney worked with Adidas to design sporting gear, lounge wear and more for the team.  Ironically, one uniform she did not design--the white and gold tracksuits worn by Team GB at the opening ceremony.

Stella McCartney wasn’t the only one getting involved with her native country.  In Italy, Giorgio Armani designed uniforms in white and navy colors and Miuccia Prada designed the sailing team’s waterproof uniforms.

Ralph Lauren was in charge of creating the uniforms for the US team. Still, those fashion items got bad press when the public found out the uniforms were actually manufactured in China, and not the USA.  Still, the American athletes wore them proudly at the opening ceremony.  Lauren designed clean-cut blazers, white trousers, skirts and shoes. Paired with navy berets and scarves in red, white, and blue, the uniforms looked top notch and it was as if the American team had already won a gold medal.

Cedella Marley, the daughter of Jamaican legendary musician Bob Marley, has created a brand new fashion line for Puma. Thanks to Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt, currently the world’s fastest man, the Jamaican uniforms are going to draw LOTS of attention.

The French equestrian team was also dressed by a magnificent luxury fashion house. This time it was Hermes that created some great riding jackets for the team.

The big countries aren’t the only ones getting their uniforms created by top designers. Top Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo has designed the uniforms for the athletes from the tiny European republic of San Marino.

But what about great designers like Karl Lagerfeld? The fashion icon didn’t design any uniforms, but he did create an Olympic-themed collection for women.  The unique line is available at  London’s department store Selfridges under the label “Team Karl”. The clothes are especially made for those women who want to capture that Olympic feeling, even if they aren’t competing in the Games!

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