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Photographer Under The Spotlight: Nicoline Patricia Malina

Posted on 25th November 2012 | Photographers

She’s been dubbed the “Boy Wonder” of the Indonesian fashion scene, won numerous awards, and is a Sony Indonesia ambassador. And now, FashionTV get up close and personal with talented fashion photographer as we meet and greet: Nicoline Patricia Malina.

When the name Nicoline is spoken in the Indonesian fashion industry, it is easy to conjure up beautiful artistic images and photography that resonates a certain style. That style is none other than Indonesian-born, Nicoline Patricia Malina.

But Nicoline, is more than just a well-known photographer, she has conquered the fashion market and successfully built a brand for herself, while photographing top models that regularly feature on the covers of fashion magazines, editorials, and exhibitions around the world.

Nicoline began her photography ambition, shooting in the streets of Amsterdam and working on documentaries. She had initially studied Fine Art, but soon realised that photography was her true calling. Since 2004, Nicoline has been pursuing her ‘hobby’ in photography and has used it as a creative tool for developing her skills, personal experiences, and building a career.

And FashionTV have been lucky enough to get a glimpse of Nicoline in action! We head to a studio in Jakarta, to speak to the woman of the moment in between her busy schedule. Here’s what she had to say...


Well, I started shooting in Amsterdam so I wasn’t working in fashion. I pictured the streets of Amsterdam and worked on a documentary for a year. I would go out on a Sunday afternoon and capture random people on random streets.


Right now I use Sony – I use two kinds of Sony actually. (Holding the camera) This one is a NEX-5 and I use it a lot for editorial. I also love it because it’s not a compact camera and not an SLR. So, it’s light and I can bring it anywhere when I don’t feel like taking a heavy camera with me. It’s perfect. It’s light but it has SLR quality. The SLR I use is a 900, which I use for commercial and editorial photo shoots.


Plenty! But in terms of international photographers, I love Peter Lindbergh and Ellen Von Unwerth. Those two people really influence me in the way I take photos, especially when I started fashion photography for the first time. Lindbergh can bring out a rawness and emotion from someone as beautiful as a supermodel. He can make supermodels look like mortal human beings without any retouching. And Ellen can bring out humor and sexiness in every girl.

For Indonesian photographers, I really love Davy Linggar’s work. Davy Linggar is considered one of the photography maestros in Indonesia and I love the mood depicted in his pictures.


I’m so lucky, I have a few muses! There is Madelon, Imca, and Isabel in Netherlands. While in Indonesia, there are a few models that really inspire me when I take shots of them. One is Julia Jamil. She’s such a chameleon. She always looks different every time I take her photos and she has the best attitude for a model.

I also love Laura Antonietta. She has a really classy and sexy look that is really hard for me to find in other women, which she can easily bring out in photos. She also has a good attitude. I had a photoshoot with Anthea today. What I love is that she looks different in every session; different make up transforms her to something else. Sometimes models look the same and that’s not what I look for in models.


My favorite shoot ever was the one we had today because I worked with my muses: Julia and Anthea. But the one that impresses me the most this year is the shoot in Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta because it is such an amazing place and we have such an amazing team. I really love it. This has definitely been one of my favorites!


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