Midnight Hot: Sleeping Beauty, An Alternative Sexy Story
04.14.2014 | Sexy
Ever wondered what Sleeping Beauty might have gotten up to if she was simply locked in the tower and not trapped under a sleeping spell? With the recent release of ‘Maleficent,’ the untold story of Sleeping Beauty, FashionTV’s Midnight Hot team have let our imaginations run wild and present you with our very own alternative Sleeping Beauty (Sexy) story. I Walked With You Once Upon A Dream... read more >>
April marks a month of jubilations as FashionTV celebrates 17 years of iconic programming,... read more >>
03.31.2014 | Sexy
We’ve trotted the globe to capture the most glamorous fashion that the world has to offer, and... read more >>
03.10.2014 | Sexy
In and amongst all the fashion week furore, here’s something for the lads. FashionTV Midnight... read more >>
02.17.2014 | Sexy
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching you can’t help but notice lingerie adverts all over town,... read more >>
02.10.2014 | Sexy
The teams have arrived and are raring to go, as the world watches on for the start of the 2014... read more >>
02.07.2014 | Sexy
What all began as a genius idea to cure a case of the winter blues, has turned into a 50-year... read more >>
02.03.2014 | Sexy
They say a woman’s lingerie can tell you a lot about her “style” so whether she’s likes it soft... read more >>
01.27.2014 | Sexy
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the month of the symbolised Water-Bearer. This... read more >>
01.20.2014 | Sexy
It may not be bikini season just yet, but that doesn’t mean the FashionTV Midnight Hot team... read more >>
01.13.2014 | Sexy
FashionTV’s Midnight Hot presents the hottest women with natural beauty and raw instincts. Watch... read more >>
01.06.2014 | Sexy
There’s an old folklore about ringing in the New Year with a kiss at midnight to help set the... read more >>
12.30.2013 | Sexy
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