Fighting Fit: The Angels Are Training for the Victoria’s Secret Show!
10.12.2014 | Sexy
As the heat builds in the run up to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014, which takes place in London this year, the Angels are in their training shoes and getting ready for a marathon fitness regime over the next few weeks. This celebrity Instagram, FashionTV takes you to see how the Angels prepare for the sexiest catwalk show on the planet and go behind-the-scenes at one of the most... read more >>
From New York to London, the Victoria’s Secret models have been proving their fashion week worth... read more >>
09.15.2014 | Sexy
You've seen them in magazines, but now the models turn their hand to a different type of... read more >>
08.25.2014 | Sexy
She’s a British model beauty turned movie star and lingerie designer, and now FashionTV takes a... read more >>
08.18.2014 | Sexy
Mamaia is host to the greatest international model competition of the summer. On August 16 th... read more >>
08.17.2014 | Sexy
Fashiontv Summer Festival paves the way for the young and talented designers. The event aims... read more >>
08.15.2014 | Sexy
The best in Romanian fashion designers showcase their collections on the biggest fashion stage... read more >>
08.14.2014 | Sexy
The most beautiful girls on the Romanian sea shore compete to win the great prize and the title... read more >>
08.13.2014 | Sexy
Mamaia resort made waves at this year’s Cannes Film Festival when beautiful models wearing sexy... read more >>
08.12.2014 | Sexy
She skyrocketed to high fashion fame after making a household name for herself as the Sports... read more >>
08.12.2014 | Sexy
Viewers from around the world were witnesses of the spectacular show of Ftv Black Sea Model... read more >>
08.11.2014 | Sexy
In July and August, Mamaia is host to the biggest Carnival in Europe! With a special... read more >>
08.11.2014 | Sexy
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