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Posted on 21st August 2012 | Sexy

OK, so you've had enough of the Summer Olympic Games...we can understand that. But, in this article, the Olympics are just an excuse for showing you some of the super sexy female athletes who were on the field during London 2012.

All of them are hot, well-sculpted and can do miracles with their bodies. And yes, they look amazing in a tiny bikinis. Check them out for yourselves.

Stephanie Rice

This Australian swimmer does great things under the water, but her stunning looks make you want to dive in with her. Her brunette hair, sexy figure and gorgeous smile added lots of glam to the swimming contests.  Here she is without goggles and a swimming cap.

Maria Sharapova

Yes, she lost the gold medal at the Olympics.  Yes, she sighs with every backhand. But if there’s one thing that Maria Sharapova does better than most is look amazing on and off the tennis field.  It makes us forget about the other things.   The Russian tennis player is not new to paparazzi photographers and to sport fans, but her blond hair and captivating smile add lots of grace to sports in general and to tennis in particular.

Daniela Hantuchova

The 33-year old Slovakian tennis player exposed a great body on the cover of ESPN magazine, wearing nothing but... a smile. To be honest – who needs more than that?

Melanie Adams

This blonde pole vaulter was born in Melbourne and made it to the finals of an Australian beauty contest 6 years ago. In the future she also plans to take part in the Miss Universe contest, and hopefully win the crown. In the meantime, she made it to the Olympics, where her beauty is just a bonus.

Lolo Jones

This talented and stunning athlete may be successful with hurdles, but she draws attention for other reasons.  Recently, it was because she admitted she was still a virgin.  Of course, her nude photos on magazine covers don’t help that statement.

Josefine Oqvist

One hot kiss with a German fan at the end of a women’s soccer game vs. North Korea made this Swedish striker a superstar. True, her blond hair, blue eyes, perfect figure and sexy smile helped a bit. Either way, Oqvist has assisted in making the women’s soccer tournament that much more interesting and beautiful.

Fatima Moreira de Melo

Field hockey may not be at the center of the Olympic Games, but when it comes to hot athletes,  the picture totally changes. One of the sexiest players comes from the Dutch team and her name is Fatima Moreira de Melo. Feast your eyes on some of her most stunning pictures and whether you can admit it or not, field hockey will suddenly become your favorite sport and the Dutch your favorite team...

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