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Posted on 1st January 2013 | Shopping

So, it’s 2013. We’ve made our New Years resolutions. And, like many, number one on the list is to lead a more healthy lifestyle!

But this year is going to be easy than ever, as seasonal wardrobe hues turn to the garden for inspiration... reminding us to see in the Spring with a healthy glow.

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    Green Peppers: Valentino

    Valentino shows us just what it means to look as good as we feel, with this pepper green lace jumpsuit, rich in vibrancy and full of Spring trend.

    Buy Now, €2,710

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    Purple Haze Carrots: Chloe

    The unique color of Chloe’s purple haze, ruffled silk crepe de chine shirt is not only a novelty purchase but studies have found these purple pigments can help improve stylish wardrobes.

    Buy Now, €1,065

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    Red Cherry Tomatoes: Tory Burch

    See in the Spring with a healthy glow, wearing statement accessories in hues of radiant red. This Tory Burch dipped canvas and leather tote keeps things fresh and fruity in red cherry tomato.

    Buy Now, €223

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    White Button Mushrooms: McQueen

    Resolutions needn't be all about the don’ts, but the do’s! This Alexander McQueen white mushroom viscose knit dress will make friends wild with style envy and help you recognise your special powers.

    Buy Now, €3,177

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    Spring Carrots: Cavalli

    Roberto Cavalli will help us to stick to our health promises with these Spring carrot silk power trousers, all the while helping to cleanse the mind of color inhibitions.

    Buy Now, €439


What are your style resolutions for the New Year?

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