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Posted on 24th November 2011 | Fashion Trends

Roberto Cavalli amazed, Gideon Oberson and Karen Oberson were innovative, Yosef perfectly combined between fashion and music and Dorit Bar-Or showed how religious motives can become the most fashionable items on stage. The 1st Tel Aviv Fashion Week is over, but it seems like a new fashion era has arrived to the Middle East. Fashiontv invites you to watch the shows, see the pictures and hear what inspired the designers.

The producers of the 1st Tel Aviv Fashion Week could only dream about such success. Motty Reif and Ofir Lev have managed to create an amazing fashion experience that Israel wasn’t used to. Fashion journalists, celebrities, models, bloggers and fashion lovers gathered together in Tel Aviv to enjoy the fashion vision of the best designers in the Israeli fashion industry. In addition, lot of young and promising designers got a chance to launch their collection in the biggest fashion event ever held in Israel.

Lots of highlights and exciting moments were during the Tel Aviv fashion week. Fashiontv was there and now you can all share the fun and shiny moments.

Roberto Cavalli

Snake and tiger prints, vibrant colors, golden dresses and much more made the Roberto Cavalli’s show something you must not miss. The genius Cavalli managed to invent once again new variations and combinations with the prints he likes so much to use. In his visit at the Tel-Aviv fashion week, 71 year old Roberto Cavalli spread smiles and kisses to everyone. Fashiontv was there to watch the show and ask Cavalli what he really thinks about fashion in the Middle East.

Click Here For Roberto Cavalli's Photo Gallery

Yaniv Persy

One of the producers’ main goals in this fashion event was to give a chance for young and promising designers to shine. The 1st show in the fashion week belonged to Yaniv Persy. His new collection was inspired by the fairy tale "The Fisherman and his Soul" by Oscar Wilde. Persy deals in his new show with the tension between what the eye unfolds instantly, and what requires a second glance.
Yaniv Persy has collaborated with some of the world’s top designers, such as John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli, Donna Karran, Lanvin – Alber Elbaz – and more. After presenting collections on European stages, Persy has decided to launch his fall-winter 2012 – 2013 collection in Tel Aviv fashion week. This is the first time that the Israeli audience can be impressed by Persy’s vision of fashion.

Persy deals in his new show with the tension between what the eye unfolds instantly, and what requires a second glance. The collection deals with the tension between what the eye unfolds instantly, and what requires a second glance. Israeli model Rita Novikova (from Elite & City Models) was the first face on Persy’s show. Her noble and gentle look emphasized the tension that Persy was dealing with.
Now, only time will tell if Persy will be the next Israeli top designer.

Click Here For Yaniv Persy's Photo Gallery

Yosef - Twenty Panky” show

Yosef’s fashion show in Tel-Aviv fashion week 2011 included 40 handmade items. From the front row it felt like Yosef has a piece of his soul in each and every one of them. On his new collection Yosef used various fabrics like silk, pleather, chiffon, different laces, tulle, velvet, sequins, beads and feathers, and materials and pieces usually used for lingerie. For the “Twenty Panky” fashion show Yosef has created five new looks based on five elements: Wind, Earth, Wood, Fire and Water. Then he combined these elements with the 5 senses. The results are breath taking prints in a capsule collection. We believe that Yosef’s collection was fabulous.

Yosef added to his show another special dimension – the music. During the “Twenty Panky” show 2 of the best Israeli musicians got on stage and made live music. The angel voice of singer Ninet Tayeb and the accurate bits of D.J Assaf Amdursky upgraded the fashion show and turn it into one of the most remarkable shows of the fashion week.
Share your thoughts about Yosef’s collection with us.

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Sugar Daddy

The duo designers presented a collection on “Who’s Next” Paris, Madonna’s daughter – Lourdes – wore one of their designs and their label became a synonym for unique street fashion made by hand.

Sugar Daddy’s fashion show emphasized the amazing combination that can be created when talented young designers go with their dreams as far as they can. The inspiration for most of the designs is music, mostly Funk and Rock ’N’ Roll.

Another theme that characterises their designs is the layers the designers use in many of their cloths. At the bottom line, Sugar Daddy’s lines are sophisticated, wild and unusual. We liked it a lot. What about you?

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Shay Shalom

Shai Shalom’s new collection proves once again that god is in the small details. Shalom’s designs are made-to-order for individual customers, and sewn with extreme attention to details, finish and look, using quality studio techniques. His amazing collection and made of light cloths in shiny colours that perfectly feet to the hot Mediterranean summer.
Which design from Shai Shalom’s collection did you like best? Share it with Fashiontv.

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Sasson Kedem – “Place”

At the beginning of his career Sasson Kedem designed only for large women. Along the years he gained lots of fans due to his belief that there should be a harmony between the clothes and the one who wears them. According to Kedem’s new collection – “Place”- the cloth is a natural place for the body to be in. The loose figures he has created allow men and women of all sizes to enjoy the unique touch of the Israeli designer.
If you could choose one of Kedem’s designs, what would it be? Watch the show and share with us.

Click Here For Saason Kedem's Photos Gallery

Gideon Oberson and Karen Oberson

Gideon Oberson is one of Israel’s most famous and successful designers. He is the head designer of “Gottex”, and his collections are presented on the stages of New- York Fashion Week. This is the first time that Oberson takes part in such a fashion event in Israel. The new collection created by the designer and his daughter, Karen Oberson, was inspired by the Game of Kings. Skinny leather pants, vests, chiffon blouses, evening gowns and more all in black and white, emphasizing once again the greatness and genius of Oberson.

Click Here For Gideon Oberzon's Photo Gallery

Galit Levi

Galit Levi, well known for her designer bridal gowns and evening dresses. In her show during Tel-Aviv Fashion Week Levi wanted to highlight the fact that white gowns are not made only for brides. This is the first time that Galit Levi launches a show with her designs in Israel. According to her, white is the new black, and women must not be afraid of wearing gowns in this colour. “There is no reason why women cannot wear white gowns after the day they wed… & one day women will get married also in black dresses”, says Levi and promises that there is nothing more beautiful than a women wearing a white, elegant-but-gentle gown. See for yourself...

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If you ever watched a fashion show in Milan, Paris or New-York, you must have wondered how the models managed to walk on such high heels. Tovale decided to make her show in Tel-Aviv Fashion Week a model-friendly show, and designed flat and comfortable shoes. Tovale’s new collection took the audience back to the village, with loose and clean lines and soft fabrics. The models felt also comfortable on the stage and spontaneously started to dance and smile. Though high heels can upgrade every outfit, we must admit that watching a beautiful model smiling on stage had the same effect.

Click Here For Tovale's Photo Gallery


Mira Zwillinger

Mira Zwilinger's Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Tel Aviv Fashion Week was inspired by the glass sculptures of Czech artist Vaclav Ziegler.  While you wouldn't call it haute couture, her fabrics were rich (organza, silk, chiffon) and her craftsmanship detailed with a stylish European air, mimicking the essence of Cavalli with deep V-necks.  Swarovski stones were also used in the pieces to reflect that sophisticated glass element.  Colors were white, lilac, black, white, gray, and turquoise.

Click Here For Mira Zwillinger Photo Gallery



Dorit Bar-Or

Actress and fashion designer Dorit Bar-Or believes that inspirations for a collection must be taken from day-to-day life. In her collection launched during Tel-Aviv Fashion Week she combined lots of oriental elements with clean lines. The outcome is a beautiful fashion show that includes maxi dresses and influences from the 50s and the 60s. In her new collection Bar-Or connects the past to the future and creates a collection that is almost impossible to dislike.

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Nethanel Zikri

Chiffon, classic long flowing dresses, sleek and clean lines along with sophisticated designs ruled in Mira Zwillinger’s fashion show at the Tel-Aviv Fashion Week. In her new collection Zwillinger was inspired by the glass artist Vaclav Cigler. The accessories at the show included hair arch with transparent “broken” glass, which reflected the lights and gave a unique dimension to the show.

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Alon Livne

Alon Livne is one of the most promising young designers in the Israeli fashion industry. His show closed the Tel-Aviv Fashion Week and left the crowed with anticipation to see more of Livne’s designs. In the procedure of creation his summer 2012 collection, Livne was inspired by the Victorian age. The romantic look of Livne’s designs along with the nude hints and the luxurious fabrics and jewelleries were the proof for his fashion talent.

Click Here For Alon Levin's Photo Gallery

Also featuring their creations were prominent Israeli designers Dorin Frankfurt, Nathaniel Zikri, Ishtar & Alembika.


The 1st Tel Aviv Fashion Week is over, but the Israeli fashion industry keeps on creating. Now all we have to do is wait for the next big fashion event.

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