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Posted on 23rd April 2013 | Celebrity

As the excitement levels for the release of ‘The Great Gatsby’ reach fever pitch, the wait is now over. And with the return of Leonardo DiCaprio to the big screen and Jay-Z’s executive produced soundtrack, here’s five things we’re most excited for!

1. An all-star cast!

It’s been a grueling wait for the release of Baz Luhrmann’s movie adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic; but now the countdown is over as the movie premieres at Cannes Film Festival and opens the two weeks of events! And with everyone from Leonardo Dicaprio to Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire in and amongst the all-star cast we can’t wait to see them take on the generation-adored characters and make them their own.

The spotlight falls on Carey Mulligan. Photo: The Great Gatsby (Facebook)The spotlight falls on Carey Mulligan. Photo: The Great Gatsby (Facebook)

But of them all, it is British actress, Mulligan, who is making waves as she takes on the role of Gatsby’s bewitching obsession, Daisy Buchanan. From her charm to her costumes, youthful beauty and inimitable style Mulligan will certainly be one to watch this year.

2. The roaring 20s costumes

Vogue Australia’s got the right idea! For their May issue, they have got none other than top model Karlie Kloss on the cover and featured inside, dressed in looks designed by Miuccia Prada and Tiffany & Co. for the movie. This marks just the start of ‘The Great Gatsby’ inspired trends that are sweeping across the globe, with flapper frocks and Art Deco motifs already having made a comeback on the Fall 2013 catwalks.

Sketches by Miuccia Prada. Photo: The Great Gatsby (Facebook)Sketches by Miuccia Prada. Photo: The Great Gatsby (Facebook)

But as well as Prada, Luhrmann’s wife and costume designer, Catherine Martin, is the woman responsible for the glamorous roaring 20s designs that feature in the movie, and has collaborated with Brooks Brothers to design a limited edition collection inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby!’

3. The soundtrack

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then you would know that ‘The Great Gatsby’ music has been executive produced by none other than Jay Z. Featured tracks will include the biggest names in the music industry from Beyonce, Andre 3000, Will.I.Am, Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey, and more. Now, if that’s not the hottest soundtrack we’ve ever heard of we don’t know what is!

4.Tiffany & Co. jazz age jewels

When Tiffany & Co. announced that they would be supplying the jewels for 'The Great Gatsby,' our heads started to swirl with images of all the classic 20s-style sparkle we would see dripping from likes of Mulligan and Fischer. The pieces, created specifically for the movie, include bracelets, earrings, rings, and headpieces decked out in diamonds as well as pearls, with that oh-so-gorgeous 20s deco flair.

Photo: The Great Gatsby (Facebook)Photo: The Great Gatsby (Facebook)

5. The 3D experience

Fitzgerald was a man of the future, he was often criticised for adding pop culture into his books and was a great fan of new technology. With that, Luhrmann chose to film the movie using a 3D effect. He built an entire CG replica of 1920s Manhattan, and the 3D technology allows us to whoosh through its streets, as we do right at the start of the trailer. The actors and actresses have also been filmed in special 3D spaces, making our experience all the more real.


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