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Rosie Huntington presents: New lingerie line for Marks & Spencer

The Top Three most sensual Midnight Hot Videos

Posted on 7th May 2012 | Sexy

A Midnight Hot clip can lighten up your whole day. Whether you’re feeling hot right now or you’re simply in the mood for some of the sexiest videos out there, FashionTV’s finest Midnight Hot clips are sure to please you. Check out the ladies, the lingerie, and even a super sexy feather-filled pillow fight.

“Fashion in” by Dan Baruca

What is Fashion? Fashion is clothes, fashion is people, and of course, fashion is a ton of sex appeal. This fun and sexy video shoot by Dan Baruca shows extremely beautiful models try on and take off their outfits. “Fashion in” gives you the opportunity to see what really goes on inside a fitting room (including one sexy pillow fight). Next time you pass a fitting room, just imagine what you’re missing…

Obsessive Lingerie

Are you obsessed with sexy lingerie? Can a stunning bra or a little thong bring all your fantasies to life? If so, then this clip was chosen especially for you! Turn off the lights and enjoy watching this sexy Midnight Hot clip. If you’ve ever wondered what a set of sultry undergarments in red, black and lace does to a lady, now you will know…

Lingerie & Fur

Can you think of a sexier outfit than a combination of lingerie and fur? We can’t. In this video a sexy model shows that a photographer doesn’t need more than that in order to create a unique clip full of sex appeal.  Check out how this amazing model flaunts her stuff in gorgeous black lingerie and a luxurious oversized fur in Mitsuru Isshiki's film “RED.”

If you still haven’t gotten enough of Midnight Hot, then click here and enter a world that is full of stunning ladies, unforgettable views and LOTS of lust.

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