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WATCH: Blake Lively Talks Style, Confidence, & Gucci With FashionTV

Posted on 6th March 2013 | Video News

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively has got it all! She’s stunning, has the trophy husband, and is living the Hollywood dream. So when we saw her star in the Gucci Premiere fragrance ad last season... it got us wondering, what is it about the golden girl that keeps her at the top of the glamour charts?

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Let’s admit, we weren’t the only ones to gasp when we saw Blake Lively feature in the dazzling Gucci Premiere ad, as she was whisked away to a glamorous Beverly Hills apartment and filmed gazing out to the Hollywood skyline in that figure-hugging golden dress! Lively was every part the old-school Hollywood goddess that Gucci could have dreamed of.

So what are the 25-year-old’s secrets to style success?

Carry It With Confidence

“I think a woman feeling confident is the most sexy and beautiful thing you can find,” says Lively. “But for different women, different things can make them feel confident. You have to find that one thing that really gives you empowerment.”

And for Lively, the secret to her confidence is a beautiful handbag with a bar of chocolate inside, she jokes, because the two will never fail her!

But confidence aside, Lively has come a long way since her Gossip Girl days and become somewhat of a fashion world darling and style icon. She is regularly spotted on the front row at fashion week; wore a bespoke wedding dress designed by Marchesa; and is building her model portfolio having starred in some of the most sought after campaigns like Chanel and now Gucci Premiere.

“My style is ever-changing so it’s very hard to describe,” she says. “It changes with whatever movies I’ve recently watched. When I discovered ‘Breathless’ the Jean-Luc Godard movie, I became obsessed with Jean Seberg and began wearing skinny Capri pants, flats, striped T-shirts, and wanted to cut my hair off -- which is a terrible idea! I would not look good with short hair!

“It’s also  influenced a lot by where I’m living. I travel a lot because of my job and if i’m working in the South, I notice that I wear much sweeter clothes -- cotton and lace dresses with little flowers -- things that I would never wear in Manhattan.

“So, it’s very much influenced by my environment and also the older i get the more it changes. It’s an evolution.”


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