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WATCH: Versace Gladiator Hot Model Shoot!

Posted on 6th December 2012 | Video News

Donatella Versace shocked us all when an army of buffed-up Spartacus looky-likeys took to the runway at Milan Fashion Week clad in their gladiator attire, open robes, and gargantuan fighter belts. And now you can catch a glimpse of hot model Elia Cometti wearing it all on the Versace Spring 2013 photo shoot for ODDA magazine!

The Men’s Versace Spring 2013 collection, encompassed a message of strength through the mind, body, and clothes explained Donatella backstage at Milan Fashion Week. And a heroic affair it most certainly was, as a slew of sculpted-to-perfection hunks took to the runway like they had arrived at the Emperor’s arena, ready to fight for the title of most stylish!

“I think a man needs to fight, not only in sport but to fight also to achieve his goals in life,” explains Donatella.

And FashionTV have an exclusive video of fashion photographer Giovanni Squatriti capturing hot Versace model Elia Cometti wearing it like a true warrior for the french glossie, ODDA. Watch here:

Shirtless Cometti needs little more than a Versace gladiator belt to look good

Going for Gold

The editorial was shot at the Versace Home showroom; the place where Gianni Versace spent his every waking day. In this baroque venue laden with gold Versace prints, designs, and homeware, Cometti holds his own in the luxury pictures.

And while the antiquities vibe for Spring 2013, was bold, gold, and bedazzling it did in fact extended to a more wearable collection too, including suits, jackets, and ties which came in silver and bronze with a decadent metallic sheen.

Backstage at Milan Fashion Week Men’s Spring 2013 collection, featuring Donatella Versace


Which buffed-up Versace model is your favorite?

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