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What’s Been Trending At Tokyo Fashion Week

Posted on 20th October 2012 | Tokyo Fashion Week Spring 2013

Freaky cool hats, a riot of patterns, and dance wear as outerwear have been talk of the town, as Japan’s quirky fashion designers show their Spring 2013 collections this fashion week in Tokyo.

Mixy Matchy

CUNE gets print-happy for Spring 2013, Tokyo Fashion Week

Wake up boys... It’s play time! Mixing prints is going to be big next Spring, which is super news! And all this time we’ve been sifting through our wardrobes and asking, “does it match?!” Time to embrace the kaleidoscopic color palette and get BOLD! Which means only one thing -- everything goes.

Mad Hatters

If Lady Gaga and Anna Dello Russo can wear wacky headdresses then so can we! From left: Anrealage; Matohu; Né-net

Having a bad hair day? Well what better way to cover it up than with a freaky cool head piece? It’s just sooo Anna Dello Russo! Quirky headwear has been a strong theme at this Tokyo fashion week. Just take a look at the fantastical knit headdresses from Né-net, cocoon-like headgear from Matohu, and glow-in the dark cage-style pieces from Anrealage. Walking down the street in one of these brave looks will certainly make you talk of the town. Or, more realistically could be the perfect accessory for a fancy dress party!

Come Dance With Me

Comfortable, loose-flowing fabrics are perfect for the season and the dance studio next Spring

Take a leaf out of American Apparel and Jun Okamoto's books and wear dance clothes fashionably and comfortably. Loose, free-falling, and voluminous pieces are the perfect get-up-and-go attire for a warm Spring day.


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