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Zombie Babes In Bikinis For Walking Dead Calendar

Posted on 4th December 2012 | Photographers

Well, for those of you looking for something out of the norm for 2013, here’s a swimsuit calendar with a difference. A South African ad-agency has chosen to picture zombie babes in bikinis for next year’s calendar dates.

Most of us may associate zombie popularity with the American hit drama, Walking Dead, but it seems like they’re not the only ones with zombies on the brain! A new calendar promoting the hit FX television series has run with the Walking Dead theme, and resurrected six hot bikini models on the beach where they have been pictured -- bloodied and all -- on white sands.

Sexy or strange? Zombie babes give the beach a different kind of feeling

This has sparked quite some debate amongst us lads in the office.... like, can a zombie really be sexy? While there may be a lot of seductive things about witches, vampires, and villains, we can’t yet say we’ve ever laid eyes on a sexy zombie, until now that is!

Look beyond the grime and gore, and you have yourself some super-toned, buxom, beach beauties captured writhing around on the sandy shores. Who cares if they’ve got a few cuts and bruises?! We mean... it’s not like they’re heads are hanging off their bodies or anything, right?!

The zombie gets a sexy revamp for 2013 Walking Dead Calendar


Do you think zombies can be sexy? Click here to see the full Gallery.

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