Red Carpet Lounge

  • FashionTV Photographers Awards
  • Casting For Model Award
  • FashionTV Nightlife Awards

Red Carpet Lounge Cannes Film Festival at the Majestic Barrière Hotel Cannes by Fashiontv will for the first time be the meeting place of the Stars, Celebrities and guests who can watch the Red Carpet live from the Balcony of the Majestic Hotel in the comfort of champagne, food, drinks, models and show. Red Carpet Lounge promises to be the iconic party at the Cannes Film festival offering special invitations for guests to attend the events. Before every event top movie stars will be invited to the Red Carpet Lounge instead of waiting at the Lobby of the Hotel. They can greet the crowd from the Red Carpet Lounge balcony like the President, and when it is time to go to the Red Carpet they just walk across.

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