First Face - #4 Aymeline Valade - First Face Countdown Fall 2012

Posted on: 28th April 2012, FashionTV Video Archive

WORLD - FashionTV is counting down the top 10 models in our First Face countdown for Fall/Winter 2012-2013. A First Face is a model chosen by a designer to open the brand's show, representing its image for the season. Aymeline Valade is #4 on FashionTV's First Face countdown. She was #1 on the list for Spring/Summer 2012, where she opened 9 shows. Prior to that, she was #10 on the list for Fall 2011. That season, she was also the face of Alexander Wang. For Fall/Winter 2012-2013, she opened 6 shows including Donna Karan, Derek Lam, Christian Dior, and Paco Rabanne. She walked a total of 49 shows for the Fall 2012 season including Lanvin and Emilio Pucci. Aymeline Valade was born in France in 1991.
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