15th Panasonic Gobel Awards in Jakarta Honor Indonesia's TV Industry Stars

Posted on: 23rd May 2012, Asian Fashion

JAKARTA - The 15th annual Panasonic Gobel Awards in Jakarta honors the individuals in Indonesia's television industry. The event takes place at the Jakarta Theater and welcomes celebs and VIPS in gorgeous gowns and luxe tuxedos. "It's become one of the most prestigious awards shows in Indonesia," says Rinaldi Sjarif, Chairman of the show.
Appearances: Grace Natalie (Best News Presenter Nominee), Atiqah Hasiholan (Eco Brand Ambassador Panasonic Gobel Indonesia), Asmirandah (Best Actress Winner), Rinaldi Sjarif (Chairman, Panasonic Gobel Awards), Atalarik Syah (Best Actor Nominee), Ari Wibowo (Best Actor Nominee), Rachmat Gobel (Chairman, Panasonic Gobel Group)
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