Ana Beatriz Barros + Lea T @ Blue Man Bikini Backstage FFW Fashion Rio Summer 2012

Posted on: 17th June 2011, FashionTV Video Archive RIO DE JANEIRO - Top model Ana Beatriz Barros opens the Blue Man show which is full of patterned and ultra-sexy showstopping bikinis and bathing suits. She tells FTV backstage that Blue Man bikinis are one of the best in Brazil. The swimwear is made of various colorful motifs that include everything from neon to rainforest to denim to snakeskin to graphic prints. A Blue Man designer goes through the collection, pointing out the very best including a parrot-themed one piece that catches the eye. "We are a Brazilian brand and we love to talk about Brazil," says the designer. "This is the DNA."
Model: Ana Beatriz Barros, Caroline Franchisini, Juliana Imai, Lea T., Lais Ribeiro

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