Behind the Scenes at the BonPrix: It's Me! Party Collection Campaign Photoshoot

Posted on: 27th June 2012, Fashion Films

GERMANY - At the clothing campaign photoshoot for the BonPrix: It's Me! Party Collection in Germany, there is so much sexiness, you can't take your eyes off the screen! Models Gerda Marie Mare, Dave Gordon, Ana Sekulic, and Cinthia Moura show off their perfect physiques in sexy lingerie, denim jeans and mini cocktail dresses by BonPrix designer Harald Glööckler.. Join these models as they have a blast posing behind wonderfully designed backgrounds.
Models: Gerda Marie Mare (Model Management), Dave Gordon (Mega Models), Ana Sekulic (Woman Management), Cinthia Moura (Model Management)
Photographer: Frank Wartenberg
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