Bob Sinclar - I Wanna Party MICS Monte Carlo

Posted on: 29th August 2011, FashionTV Video Archive - "BOB SINCLAIR PARY MICS, MONTE CARLO". This prestigious action, being a part of international exhibition MICS, will take place in the Principality of Monaco from November, 11 till November, 13th this year, and will be the first season of the new project in the fashion world.
MICS and MCFF as its component, are supported at the highest level.
There are about 25 displays of design collections in the program. Fashion designers from London, New York, Paris, Buenos Aeros, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Tokyo etc. are invited.
Requirements to participants are defined by format MCFF. These are the collections concerning a category de luxe -- the exclusive, unique subjects which are made by designers-participants from materials of a premium-class and being luxury goods and works of art.
The international event in club life MICS (Monaco International Clubbing Show) which part is Fashion Forum, gathers eminent and well-founded public in Monte-Carlo. This fashion parade will take place in MICS to which the attention more than 80 world mass-media is drawn.
Music Info:
Performer: bob sinclair
Title: I wanna

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