China Leather Festival Red Carpet ft Lin Dan

Posted on: 5th February 2013, FashionTV Video Archive

China Leather Festival Red Carpet ft Lin Dan
GUANGZHOU - FashionTV has your scoop from the red carpet at the China Leather Fashion Festival in Guangzhou, China where VIPs like Olympian Lin Dan, models Miyachuan and Sean Zhang and actresses like Zeng Li make a glamorous turn on the red carpet. Also, the F-Secret Collection is unveiled.
Appearances: Lam Chun (Shengdy Group CEO), Li Jia (TV Host), Miyachuan (Model), Sean Zhang, Yolenda, Michel Adam (FashionTV President, Founder), Stephane Jullien (FashionTV Vice President Asia/Pacific), Ivy Xie Huiyi (Socialite), Zeng Li (Actress), Wang Xuebing (Actor), Victor Chen (Singer), Edmonlau (Director), Miu Miu Gong Xinliang (Actress), Tian Liang (Singer, Actor), Bernice (Singer, Actress), Joe Ma Tak Chung (Actor),Candy Lo (Singer, Actress), Andy Hui (Singer, Actor), Steven Jiang, Michael Ma (President, Founder IndoChine Group), Xu Cong (Marketing Director, Trends Group), Giorgia Fumanti (Singer), Danny Ding Jianzhong (Magician), Elva Hsiao (Singer), Sammi Cheng (Singer, Actress), Sa Dingding (Singer), Lin Dan (2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Badminton)

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