Dauntless: Editorial Fashion Shoot By Chad Cosper

Posted on: 1st September 2013, FashionTV Video Archive

Dauntless: Editorial Fashion Shoot By Chad Cosper
WORLD - FashionTV brings you the raw, moving editorial fashion shoot Dauntless. Having been greatly affected on a personal level by the Oklahoma tornadoes, in May of 2013, fashion photographers Chad and Melissa Cosper decided to use the devastation to make lasting art. Living in the community of Moore, OK, the pair were impacted as some of the largest tornadoes ever recorded on the planet ripped through the homes of family and friends. The stories of hope, survival, and overcoming great fear shared by many in the community inspired the title for the piece, "Dauntless." Time heals wounds and the dauntless spirit of men, women, and children in Oklahoma will continue despite this disaster.
Appearance: Caroline Sanger
Photographer: Melissa Cosper
Videographer: Chad Cosper
Creative Director: Chad Cosper
Stylist: Kelsey Self
Hair/MU: Michael Brandon Harris
Model: Caroline Sanger, Brink Model Management
Clothing provided by Bad Grannies of Oklahoma City

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