Dsqaured2 Men: Dean and Dan Caten, Designers at Work | Spring/Summer 2013 Milan

Posted on: 14th November 2012, F.MEN

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MILAN - FashionTV brings you the inside scoop on Dean and Dan's Spring/Summer 2013 Dsquared2 collection for Milan Men's Fashion Week including the designer duo's own take on their inspiration behind the line which featured leather, denim, and men in biker hats. "The statement is a lot of black trousers," says one of the twins, "It's kind of like black trousers is the staple of the show. Black skinny pants," they say while also referring to the heavy accessories, layers, sport element, and scuba effect also presented in the collection. It's electronic, nightclub, dramatic, and strong.
Appearances: Francisco Lachowski, Dean Caten, Dan Caten
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