Duality & Antropos Morphe Photoshoot by Olger Grandia

Posted on: 13th January 2012, Fashion Films

http://www.FTV.com/videos WORLD - FashionTV gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Duality & Antropos Morphe photoshoot by photographer Olger Grandia. The film is by Danny Boom and Wilco Havelaar. This is the first video of the shoot with Stacey de Klerk Amsterdam and Charlotte Vb Sanne. It's a cold day and you can see it on the faces of the models but that doesn't stop them from producing some of the best pictures in cool and colorful corsets, bustiers, architectural pieces and white boots as well as other colorful and unique items from the Antropos Morphe designer label. The label is made up of designers Sanne Haselager and Xiomara van der Zon.
Photographer: Olger Grandia http://www.olgergrandia.com/
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